About Us

As you are probably aware there are very few companies in the United States that actually manufacture cylindrical lenses and even fewer that have over 20 years of precision cylinder lens fabrication behind their expertise.  Our founder, Bill Kutz, has been manufacturing optical components since 1982 and has developed many new and innovative ways to provide you with the quality optical components that you require.

K & S Optics is located in Greene, New York and has been manufacturing the highest quality Cylindrical Lenses and Flat Optics since 1998. 

K & S Optics provides optical components to a wide variety of customers and industries. Our optics are used in applications ranging from manned spaced flight and microlithography  to scanning and medical instruments, as well as defense, research 
and scientific applications.

K & S Optics unique fabrication process and in-house tooling capabilities allows us to fabricate Interferometricaly tested Cylindrical and Flat optics to your specifications in Prototype, 
R & D, Short run, Production and OEM quantities.

K & S Optics works for you:
    * Custom cylindrical lenses and flat optics
       in a wide variety of optical materials
    * Off the shelf stock optics
    * Quick turn around 
    * Just-in-Time stocking 

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K&S Optics, Inc.
25 Clinton Street
PO Box 569 
Greene, NY 13778

Phone 607-656-4498